Whoo is Howl Meow?

by May 23, 2019Canines, Felines, Howlers, Meowers

Owl tilting its head
It has been over 150 years since the first dog pounds appeared in America. Dogs and cats were rounded up and killed just because they had no monetary value. America does not need dog pounds anymore. Why? Because we value our pets - both dogs and cats. Americans will spend #86 billion this year,in America alone, on their pets!

But then why do we continue to see homeless and stray animals? Because these animals continue to produce offspring that aren’t able to find safe, loving homes. However, there is a solution, and that is putting more money into low-cost spay-neuter services. We still need shelters for other reasons, but not to kill unwanted pets.

With increased access to low-cost spay-neuter, there will be less need for the millions of donated and taxpayer dollars that go into finding homes for the 4.7 million unwanted dogs and cats that enter American shelters each year. Of those, 3.2 million cats and dogs are rehomed and 1.5 million are euthanized.

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There are many non-profit groups fostering and adopting pets, combatting animal cruelty and neglect and rescuing animals during a disaster. But not enough are focusing on spay/neuter; which is what would actually solve the problem. With less unwanted pets, there will be less cruelty and neglect and less need and money for housing, feeding and endless hours searching for new homes.

We are looking at the problem from the wrong angle – let’s put the focus and money where it will dramatically impact millions of dog and cat’s lives.

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Over $2.5 billion is spent on rounding up, rehoming and euthanizing millions of unwanted animals. That’s $8 for every man, woman, and child in the U.S.! If even a quarter of all the money going toward rescuing pets was put toward spay neuter, we would have $625 million dollars to fix over 6 million pets each year!

So let’s fix America’s unwanted pets, and then move on to other areas of the world that need our help. But we must be the leader and get with the times. It won’t take long to solve our problem here and now.

To be clear, we are not against the breeding of dogs; we just do not want more unplanned, unwanted litters that end up in our nation’s shelters.

There are no statistics as to how much is spent on spaying and neutering pets in America, but there are facts that state most lower income and below family-pets do not get fixed.

dogs in animal shelter

Here’s how we would solve the problem:

  • There are many non-profit groups that want to focus more on offering low-cost spay/neuter to qualified low-income families, but don’t have the resources and fundraising capability to do so. We would grant them money to do this.
  • The most common need shelter employees express is more funding & focus on spay/neuter. We would also facilitate city & county grants.

We are here to put spay-neuter on the map. Will you help join us?